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Welcome To Norton Roofing

The roof on any structure is the asset with the greatest amount of exposure to all of the elements of weather. When the time arrives to protect your assets, you need the professionals at Norton Roofing and Construction by your side. Norton Roofing and Construction is committed to our customers best interest and the quality of our services is unmatched.

Norton Roofing and Construction serves a 500 mile radius of the Amarillo, Texas area and with 50+ years of hard-earned and well-learned experience, Norton Roofing and Construction offers clients complete service. Performing inspections to determine the condition of any type of roofing or the proper methods to use in replacing or repairing any roof, Norton Roofing and Construction is the best choice for all your roofing needs. The staff at Norton Roofing and Construction gives each client the due diligence they will not find with other companies. Our knowledge is based not only on decades of hands-on experience, Norton Roofing and Construction is affiliated and supported by top experts in organizations such as National Roofing Contractors Association, Roof Consultants Institute, Southern Building Codes Congress International, Construction Specifications Institute and many more. The staff attends professional seminars to help remain well-educated and updated on the latest techniques and material applications that will best benefit our customers.

Storm damage is one of the causes of roof failures. Norton Roofing and Construction maintains on staff a licensed insurance adjuster to assist clients with any concerns that arise. This added knowledge of the complex world of insurance, makes Norton Roofing and Construction your best advocate when it is imperative to get the maximum benefit from the monies invested in insurance premiums. We explain in detail the claim procedure helping to make the complete process as efficient and trouble-free as possible. We cannot negotiate any claims for you but we can explain the process so you will have a better understanding of what to expect when filing a claim. We are not Public Adjusters and will not act as such. We are here to help you.

Products in the roofing industry are varied and have many specific applications. The correct installation with the proper product and technique depends on many variables. The professionals at Norton Roofing and Construction are extremely proficient in all areas of roofing. We have the specialized equipment, material, and most importantly the expertly trained personnel and supervision to meet the demands of any job.

The uncertainty of petroleum markets and volatile pricing fluctuations make saving our customers vital monies a priority. Our offices and large storage warehouses are located adjacent to the rail yards and allow us to receive large quantity shipments of materials and hold them for project coordination and scheduling. This in turn helps our clients to purchase and hold products rather than wait and pay more as prices increase.

Schools, city, county, state projects, churches, malls, industrial plants and privately owned structures are some of the many challenges that Norton Roofing and Construction manages every day. Norton Roofing and Construction offers premium product and labor warranties issued by manufacturers.

Norton Roofing and Construction is a stable company that has been a prominent partner in the business communities of this region. We are not “hail chasers” looking for a quick dollar only to disappear into the night leaving a disconnected phone in a small strip mall office. Norton Roofing and Construction’s motto “We have been here, we will be here” is deeply rooted in our philosophy of how the business is operated. We have small town panhandle roots. Norton Roofing and Construction is a family business with the highest moral standards, caring values and commitment to our clients. We want your grandchildren to know who they can trust for all their roofing concerns when the need arises.

“You get what you pay for. We may not always have the lowest cost, but we are the most stable, value-oriented, quality-driven company you will find and our level of performance has no equal.”

If you are concerned about retaining the best value of your assets, and protecting your investment, Norton Roofing and Construction is the only roofing company you will ever need. Yes, we are the best, and we will be proud to be your roofer.